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Internet Scams – How to Judge

You can protect yourself from Internet Fraud

Does the potential for Internet scam keep you from maximizing your online activities? Let ReviewAndJudge.Org remove your worry.

Just review our objective assessments of the 3 indicators for judging a website, and use your knowledge to judge for yourself. Now you can use available online fraud tracking and reporting sites armed with important information and tools for analysis.

"How Much Traffic" Icon `“ High traffic volume often indicates a site that has many satisfied users. A popular site is more likely to be a legitimate site.

On balance, a high-traffic site is likely to have a higher number of customer complaints online, simply by virtue of the high volume of business it does. For example, you may find many complaints online about DELL or STAPLES, but as a percentage of their businesses, the amounts are well within acceptable ranges. The same number of complaints for a smaller firm would indicate a problem.


"Longevity of Website" Icon: Knowing how long the website has been doing business under its current name will guide you in two ways:

  1. Scam websites die off quickly. A website that is around for at least couple of years is more likely to be a legitimate site.
  2. A website that is around for years will accumulate more complaints than a new website, because complaints accumulate over time. Don't focus only on the total amount of complaints; review the nature of the complaint and the company's response.

"Liked by Google" Icon: Take Google's opinion into careful account. Many scam websites have “zero” trust from Google.

Even for legitimate sites, it's hard to earn instant trust from Google. Scam websites, which come and go, are often detected by Google's algorithm and are not considered trustworthy. Take advantage of this knowledge.

Why Bother? Why not just check for complaints and steer clear of sites that seem to attract negative attention? Here is what has to say about Online Complaints:

"Yes, consumers are encouraged, allowed and have the right to post their complaints on Yet there are complaints and reports against individuals, companies and executives that are clearly false".

"Every company receives complaints, but how they handle those complaints separates good business from bad business".

Rushing to judgment costs you time and money. Now it's fast and easy to arm yourself with a quick 3-point review of any website and then, judge for yourself!