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Easy Website Popularity Checker: Learn how much traffic a website receives

It is quick and easy to see the traffic rating of any site.

The "people" icons represent an estimate of how many people worldwide visit a website.

The chart below provides an approximate estimate of how many US monthly users each of the "International People" represents.

People Estimate monthly US users
  1 to 500
  501 to 1,500  
  1,501 to 5,000  
  5,001 to 20,000  
  20,001 to 40,000  
  40,001 to 90,000  
  90,001 to 400,000  
  400,000 to 1,000,000  
  1,000,001 to 12,000,000  
  12,000,001 to 130,000,000  

The "people" are assigned to each web site based on the internet habits of a significant sample of people worldwide. However, this rating is only an estimate. It is not the actual tracking report from site owners.

The estimates for websites with lower traffic are less accurate than the estimates for web sites with high traffic.

Objective estimates are gathered from a variety of Website Popularity Indexes unaffiliated with

All intelligence is gathered electronically, and therefore, unbiased. Individual assessments from Site Owners, Customers, Advertisers and Competitors do not affect this rating.

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