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How is ReviewAndJudge different than all other Review Sites on the internet?

  • Our 3 review measurements are not influenced by site owners, individual consumers, competitors or advertisers.
  • Our ratings do not rely on manual reviews of one or two unhappy individuals – but on an enormous sample of solid, concrete data.
  • All data is gathered electronically from a selection of large popularity index sites. The data represents internet habits of a significant sample of people worldwide. Review a site to access our unbiased ratings.

Can your website tell me if a site is scam or not?

No. But it will provide you with important, objective information, so you can be a well-informed judge.

Researching the quality of websites can take hours. Armed with our 3 indicators, you will be able to judge if the amount of complaints about a website are acceptable or not.

Why can’t I find anywhere a comprehensive, reliable list of all scam sites? Why don’t you have a Scam List?

  • Scam sites have a very short life. They are quickly created, but also die off very quickly. Fraudulent companies keep on shutting down websites and starting again under a new name.
  • Scam lists cannot always rely on consumer complaints. Some complaints posted by consumers are exaggerated. Some competitors post false complaints about their rivals.
  • Thousands of new websites are created daily. It is impossible for anyone to create an up-to-date scam list including thousands of websites released every minute.

No one can provide you with a complete, accurate scam list. But we can help by providing you with 3 easy, unbiased indicators to guide you and help you judge.

More information on How to Judge.

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