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Review and Judge is a free website, allowing people to identify genuine sites and scam sites. If you come across a site which you find suspicious, you don’t have to panic or get confused; simply verify it with our site free-of-cost. At Review and Judge, we rate sites based on 150 different criteria.

Note: At present, we are temporarily running the beta version of our site, so if you come across any site which is rated incorrectly, or if you have any helpful feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Our ratings for websites focus on 3 important factors. Understanding these factors can save you from falling prey to fraudulent sites.

How Much Traffic Icon:

The traffic strength (the number of visitors) of a website matters a lot. More visitors means the site is popular and can be considered reliable to a good extent.

Spending time on the comments section of a site is a good practice. It gives you a fair idea about the attitude of the customers towards a particular site.

However, this is just an advisable practice. Not all sites should be judged by this measure. Popular sites receive extensive comments and posts left by customers as feedback. For bigger brands like DELL or STAPLES, you might come across certain negative reviews from their customers. But given the business size and mass sales of big corporate houses, some amount of negative comments is acceptable. The issues are often managed by their customer services.

Still, we would advise to check the comments section while visiting websites.

Age of Website Icon: Most of the well-known domain names have been around for a long while. This is another factor which works in the favor of established domain names. You need to be careful while dealing with new and unfamiliar sites.

Keep in mind:

1.Scam websites do sustain for long. They attract customers using best marketing gimmicks, cheat the consumers, and then quickly get off the radar. They disappear as soon as the swindled customers take legal course and action to start tracking them. The chances of sites being legitimate are higher if their domain name has been active for more than a year.

2.Popular sites carry comments/feedback in abundance. Most of the times, satisfied customers don’t bother to leave positive comments but unhappy customers rarely miss a chance to complain about their issues. So you might see more complaints than appreciations for older websites. But do not derive conclusions by merely seeing the number of complaints on the site. Instead, randomly select few a negative remarks and check the nature of complaints. It might be related to issues which might not concern you, like high shipping and handling cost for long distance customers. Also, check the site owners’ responses to their clients. Often, the concerned organizations provide appropriate response and explanation. Their responses can help you gauge their sincerity and commitment towards consumers.

Liked by Google Icon: Nobody can ignore Google’s opinions about websites. Google has been around for a long while, and its resources and mechanisms can be easily trusted. Majority of scam sites get “Zero” thrust from this ultimate search engine.

Not only scam sites, but even genuine sites have to spend a good amount of time to receive thrust from Google. These scam sites, which appear and disappear, are spotted by Google’s efficient algorithms and are deemed unreliable. Always keep this information in mind while dealing with suspicious sites.

Take advantage of this 3-point review system, and save your money and time.

Today, due to the online marketing and innovative business models we have access to a great variety of products and services. And thanks to the growing competition between businesses, we are showered with free-trial offers and discounts. But among these genuine business houses, there are a bunch of scammers using all sorts of traps to swindle customers.

Bad experiences with few scammers scare customers from trusting genuine small time businesses. This affects the growth of new innovative ventures that have exclusive products and services to offer. But at the same time, cheated customers cannot be blamed for sticking only with established and popular brands. It’s a tricky situation. Legitimate businesses do their best to ensure that they practice all the important security policies mandatory to protect the visitors of their sites. Along with these business owners, new online users can also take some safety measures. New users can follow the basic methods used by other, well-informed online users. And also, make the best out of sites like us, Review and Judge, who are here to help you verify secured sites and avoid scam sites.

We provide completely unbiased reviews. Our team is dedicated to provide you reliable and trustworthy reviews of the sites you want to deal with.

How we are different

We’re free
We offer free services to help people check if a particular website is authentic or fraud. You don’t have to pay us anything – and you don’t even have to register!

We report risky sites
We have more than 150 different criteria to check for fraudulent sites. For example, if a website is hosted on a Chinese server, it could be risky. We have other criteria as well.

We listen
If you find a false positive, please let us know. Simply click on the “Report False Positive” and enter the specific details about why you disagree with our report. Our team will take a look at it and adjust the ratings if applicable.


Review and Judge is a proud member of UEZ

Review and Judge LLC got UEZ certified, by the State of New Jersey, on November, 2010. New Jersey’s UEZ (Urban Enterprise) Program was started in 1983 by the Department of Community Affairs. UEZ program is made to help designated municipal communities and their businesses for developing and creating private sector jobs, by utilizing public and private investments.

In January, 2011, Review and Judge LLC applied for the “Small Business Development Consulting Project”, managed by Lakewood Urban Enterprise Zone. The project was developed by their Executive Director – Patricia Komsa.

Under this program, advisors of SCORE (a non-profit organization), professors and students (MBA) of Georgian Court University provide assessment and consultation. The team also generates a list of business related issues which can be sorted out through a corrective plan of action.

During February, 2011, we initiated consulting services with Ocean County Score. SCORE (aka Mentors to America’s small businesses) is focused on educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses to start their ventures and grow nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner of U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

For successful implementation of the Corrective Plan of Action, Review and Judge LLC was awarded with a reimbursable grant in July, 2011.

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1.In November 9, 2010 – was featured in Killer Start Ups

Review And Judge is a new resource that aims to make for a more transparent Internet. Here, anybody can find out which sites are reputable and which are scammy ones by launching a mere search. This search will produce a set of objective data for the user to weigh up, and determine whether any site that he has come across is genuine or not.4The data that Review And Judge can display includes information such as how long the site has been around, how many visitors it gets every single day, and the number of other sites that have endorsed it. Using this data, you will be able to measure how transcendent any complaint really is. That is, if you read negative comments about any online retailer that you want to shop at you a site like Review And Judge will let you balance them against the actual size of the company, its longevity and so on. That should put everything into a much clearer perspective, and let you make better-informed decisions.Being able to measure so much data in advance, knowing where to shop at online should become a much easier proposition.



2.Featured on

Not all online scam reports against websites are accurate. To check which ones are invalid, you can first review the popularity of a website and the extent to which it is supported. To perform a thorough yet simple popularity test, head on over to ReviewAndJudge.

Review And Judge is an extremely simple-to-use popularity checker for websites. All you have to do is enter a site’s name and its popularity statistics are instantly displayed. Amongst these stats are included estimated monthly US internet visitors, longevity of the website, and its Google PageRank.

Equipped with the popularity facts, you can quickly judge whether or not the scam reports against a particular site are true.



3.Featured in

Does the Web think? Not quite yet. But it does manage to form opinions of a kind, particularly about individual sites. And a snapshot of its views about your Web site - or any other - can be found in a matter of moments at Returned information includes an estimate of the traffic a site is getting and a look at how it ranks on the Google popularity scale. There's also an emphasis on reporting any user/customer complaints that may be circulating. If you don't like what you see - and for anyone who disagrees with the information presented - there are opportunities to submit a personal review to correct matters, or to provide additional information if you own the site being checked.



4.Report by

ReviewAndJudge is a handy webapp that helps identify the good sites from the bad. If you have a site you think might be a scam, you simply enter it into a search field and you'll be presented with a report.

The details of the report will vary based on what ReviewAndJudge finds. The review of Lifehacker indicated that we're very popular, Google likes it pretty well, and that we're not too old and not too young. Each of these things can help identify whether or not a site is a scam. If it's too young, that's not necessarily a good sign. If it isn't popular and Google hates it, you're probably going to want to steer clear. If these indicators aren't enough information for you, your report will suggest additional ways for you to get more information.

If you're not sure about a particular site, this is a good search to conduct. It only takes a few seconds and can provide you with some useful statistics.